What I Played Today: July 20-21

I was on a bit of a Steam Summer Sale trip this time, so I mostly downloaded a game, tried to play it, and then quit shortly afterwards. So let's those games I've purchased, instead of going into too much detail:

The Binding of Isaac: I have heard that this was a good game, but I hate things that are gross? But when the game cost a Dollar, I cannot help myself, and it is pretty okay, for a hybrid Zelda/1942 crossover. That is gross.

Towns: I REALLY want to play Towns, and even though I have attempted a good deal of times to try the demo and failed, I purchased it...and...it still won't launch. Well...at least it wasn't full price.

RPG Maker VX Map Packs: I have no idea why I downloaded these. Maybe I have something unusual in mind? (finger to lip)

Cherry Town Comedy Club: I was super super skeptical about this weird-ass dating-ish sim when it was eight dollars, but at four dollars? I will buy the crap out of it. I'm looking forward to playing it.

Steam: Steam has decided that it itself needs to be a game...with trading cards. So...I spent the weekend launching games and not actually playing them, such as Triple Town, and The Walking Dead, and Terraria, and Your Mom. So I earned some card drops, and then traded them in, and I managed to forge a couple of badges...after...adding five bucks to my wallet. I am almost even again though!

Whatever, Steam Sale. Let's never do this again.

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