What I Played Today: August 17

Terrence's Big Chance

On Kongregate, they featured a game I played a couple of years ago, Terrence's Big Chance, and I remembered that I really enjoyed it, and there was a missing achievement! Apparently I had not gotten the good ending, and so I felt this compulsion to play it all the way through again, 100% this nonsense.

So it's a platformer with a lot of neat little elements, like objectives and a lot of little collectables and info you have to keep track of in order to make sure that the date you are going on goes well. It's super goofy, with a lot of dumb jokes, but the platforming is really really good, and it isn't too bad, although the good ending just made me feel...bad. Like, the date he goes on goes well because he just lies constantly throughout, and then they end up getting married because he never admits to being his own person. It's kinda gross, but hey, joke-y game, I'm just here for the platforming.

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