What I Played Today: October 21

Mysterium, Tiny Epic Galaxies, One Night Revolution, The Grizzled

I decided that I'm going to put game night back into my weekly rotation. It has been far too long and I am missing a lot of socialization and frankly it behooves me to leave the house, goddamnit. I can get up and moving every Wednesday! It's one night a week!

So I went to the Fantasy Flight Game Center. I'm not going to lie; this facility is probably the best facility within 100 miles, there are plenty of tables, there are always a ton of people in there (with various degrees of friendliness), and their games library is insanely extensive (and, if I'm not, now completely free of charge). Plus, you can order food if you don't mind paying like 20% more than normal!

After fifteen minutes of being a shy idiot, I decided that I would just do a thing! So I walked up to someone I kind of know, and said, "Hey, we kind of know each other, let's actually play some games." So I sat down and played Mysterium, which I've heard a lot of good things about! It's...Dixit! It's slightly different Dixit! The ghost tries to get each player to guess which card is assigned to them based on vague pictures, and after a few rounds, everyone has to guess which set of pictures is the true murder victim. It's interesting! I would actually love to take a turn as the ghost.

Then I played Tiny Epic Galaxies, which is a perfectly serviceable game! I like it, although it has a weird arc, and the turns tend to take a little longer than I like. Plus...there's a weird exploit that if you have enough rockets circling a culture planet, it is really easy to max out your culture by following actions. But whatever, I made a huge push to try to end the game in my last turn, which one of my opponents could have blocked but didn't, but because I did, it gave time to give my opponent to recover and beat me. Oh well.

I played a couple games of 3-player One Night Revolution, and it....isn't good. Like, with One Night Werewolf, at least there are various roles that can be in and out of the game, but here, the only mystery is your alignment, and that can end with literally every player being a bad guy (which happened), or one informant who has it easy when the sole switcher changes his alignment with someone else. I don't know, it just doesn't not work at three players, which makes me think they didn't think this all the way through, and maybe this game is garbage? I don't know...I need to try it with a group who actually know how to play hidden role games and see if this is any good at all.

Then I played a coop game, The Grizzled, which is about a group of World War I soldiers who just...go through some real bullshit. Each turn, you need to play cards from your hand without playing three of the same type of symbol or becoming too injured. You can quit any time, but the more cards you still have in your hand, the worse it is for you, as it increases the number of cards you need to get through, and waste too much time and you lose anyway. It's interesting, although there's just enough fuzz here to make it too complicated for a party crowd. It's pretty though, I will give this game pretty. Looks like a Tintin comic.

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