What I Played Today: October 28

Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Guild Wars 2

I got through the sequence in Assassin's Creed Sydicate, killing some doctor who was bad(?) and dealing with that wacky character Charles Darwin. Oh Charles Darwin, you lovable scamp! Why, you almost forget that he is a serious scientist who made the most dramatic scientific discovery in the 19th Century and still massive maligned to this day! (Seriously, what is up with this characterization of Darwin?) But the game is still aggressively difficult to control, which doesn't bode well. Maybe I'm out of practice, but I think the major issue is the decision to divide the quick run into "quick run up" and "quick run down," because that's where I continue to just constantly get hung up. I don't know, it's tough, TOUGH. This game is pulling a straight 6 for me right now.

Also I have made the decision, after several months, to get the expansion to Guild Wars 2, even though the story arc just kinda baffles me and the gap in achievability is ridiculously wide. "Oh, you have completed the main campaign? Good for you, here's a difficult 100 hour grind path before your next major upgrade." They have been working on it, I admit, but since I only play my main, I haven't really noticed it, just constantly upset how hard it is to get a legendary weapon. But I'm hoping their new paths in the expansion will offer some interesting decisions.

BUT I picked the worst night, as tonight they have been constantly plagued with server issues. While I managed to get in and do a bit of a run at the new campaign (I'm perfectly fine with just ignoring that last boss fight I'm missing), things just consistently DIDN'T WORK all night, which isn't the best first impression, so I don't really have an opinion at this point. I WANT to see what's up so I can make a judgement, but the game just shit the bed all night long. Luckily...free to play, so it's not like I'm really losing anything. Just time, always time.

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