What I Played Today: February 22

The Witness

I had intended to play Final Fantasy today, but there was a patch, so instead I spent an inordinate amount of time cheating at The Witness. My figuring is that since I've gotten 100% of the trophies all by myself (with only a mild amount of coaxing), I have experienced enough of The Magic, and I just want to know about all the secrets already. Please tell me, website full of spoilers.

So I spent the evening heading straight to areas that gave me a hard time that I just couldn't get. They were mostly sound puzzles, and for one of them, even when I was explicitly told how to solve it, it still didn't make sense so I just traced the answer. Then I went around picking up environmental puzzles based off a long list. Some were pretty clever! One of them was goddamn ridiculous! No, strike that, the most ridiculous one was the one that I was afraid existed in the video room. As soon as I saw the video start I thought, "Oh no oh no you can't be serious" and it turns out that he was. Jonathon Blow made another puzzle that takes nearly a hour of just waiting to solve. Thanks pal.

(I kid, I watched a video of him explaining his process and it was kind of amazing. I still really likehate this game.)

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