What I Played Today: February 5


I played a bit more of Gemcraft, it is a perfectly reasonable tower defense game. Man that feels weird. Tower defense games! When did they fall so far out of favor? Now everything is an idle game. Weird that the flash game environment has shifted from "Hope you set things up correctly and watch to see if you win" to "Just...just do nothing for a while. Don't even bother playing the game." Is this an indication that our time is worn so thin that we would prefer games that involve less and less input from us? I don't know, it's an interesting question that I don't feel like exploring right now, but the trend is something. I'm just wondering how much lazier we can get beyond idle games. Will someone create a game that you have been unconsciously playing your entire life and you can just...check in on every once in a while? No input to make, no buttons to click, just a big number and a series of stats telling you how well you've been doing just...being alive? Hm. HM.

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