What I Played Today: March 22

Fire Emblem Fates

I've been playing a bit of Fire Emblem! It's pretty good, especially when I'm not worried about losing any of my characters. Which is good, because man so many of my units keep dying for insanely stupid reasons! Oh, whoops, I accidentally left my Singer unprotected again, whoops, she's dead, again. Anyway, I think I'm halfway done? I checked, there are 25 chapters, and I just did Chapter 12, but there's also a ton of stuff that I don't understand, like...class changes. I don't know what or why that means, but I know it happens. I guess I just gotta play through it once to figure out what I want to do here. Those are the best games, right? Where you play through it once and fail completely before you know how to play the game? Sure.

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