What I Played Today: April 6

Hey That's My Fish, Andromeda

I ventured out into the outside world and went to a board game night that was downtown, because I can't just spend the rest of my life skulking in my room. It was okay, although I didn't really make any instant connections with anyone. But I never do, so!

I played a game of Hey, That's My Fish on an iPad, which I won because I had played before and I knew how to play. For some reason the placement wasn't snake-style, which means I got to choose all the best places to start. Not quite fair.

I then played a set-matching game (I guess) called Andromeda, where there are a bunch of planets and a deck full of pictures of those planets and you play sets in order to potentially score those planets. It took us a while to figure out how to play the game, and even then we didn't have it right, and for some reason the rules just didn't stick either, so the last turn the other players were making illegal moves, but because I was at the point of wanting to be done playing, I just...let it happen. I wasn't that invested, and I'll probably never play that game again, so! Yep, that's about the statement of the night: so!

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