What I Played Today: January 5

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, AC: Brotherhood, Back to the Future: The Game

I recently got Pac-Man Championship DX on recommendation, and it’s an interesting game. In it you are the self-named Pac-Man, and you’re eating dots. The big difference is that it’s less about eating dots and more about waking up evil ghosts from their slumber to get them to chase you, then eating a power pellet and taking out full strings of ghosts as many times as you can in five minutes. It’s fast and fun, although the fact that a lot of the game is locked from the beginning is a little annoying.

More stabbing dudes as well. I had a really good game in which I spent the last four minutes in 1st place and managed to stay there through a lot of hiding in crowds. I got maybe four or five lures during that stage, and avoided using any smokebombs, which was neat. Blending really helped, knowing I’d always have a duplicate nearby.

Also played more Back to the Future, in which I found out where Doc was hiding, what will happen to him if I don’t fix the timeline, and even met the Prohibition-era versions of all the characters. Boy, it sure is a coincidence that these three families never actually move out of Hill Valley, and that every single Tannen is a complete dick. But I got stuck on what I guess is a simple puzzle, I’ll figure it out, I’m sure.

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