What I Played Today: January 23

A Tale in the Desert, Dance Central 2

Running in the desert! I've decided to knock out the principles of the Obelisk, because it's actually relatively easy to do at a low level and I won't get too worked up to try and actually pass any tests, because I'm just kinda hanging anyway, I just want to experience all I can. Plus, I can have an adorable little obelisk at my home site, how cute.

There was a clutch of trolls hanging out in my zone, a few jackasses I saw earlier on my adventures, and who started to annoy me for no discernable reason. They didn't actually DO anything; they showed up in the chat, demanding a tribute of linen that they didn't get, then talked about poop. The most annoying part was probably how they figured out how to add a weird banner to all their names, so that it was hard to ignore them when they were nearby. But...they were just there, and it was remarkably easy not to engage them. I mean, I'd think they would run around building wood planes everywhere. (In fact, I think that's what they threatened to do, and just didn't bother.)

I also played Dance Central 2 again, meeting the Glitterati and passing their level easily. Their songs are definitely more Gaga and European, but their challenge song "Born this Way" is ridiculously low contact. But then, after passing that, the game just thrust me right into the marathon boss fight, and I was kinda too tired for it! I made it throught two songs okay, but I wasn't quite hitting the third, and the option was either retry that song right away, or quit and have to start over. Having already danced for 25 whole minutes, I balked, but man, that was kinda nuts that it didn't even ask me if I wanted to start the marathon battle. Come on guys, this is legitimate exercise.

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