What I Played Today: January 24

A Tale in the Desert

Mainly rolled around the desert today, built my little obelisk and leveled up, so now I can do other stuff. The biggest problem with the obelisk quest is a) you need to keep building bigger and bigger obelisks in order to compete, and it can be tough if other people are doing it at the same time (and I have no chance in my current location, because the tallest obelisk is already 113 cubits) and b) it requires way too much goddamn linen. All the other resources are either trivial to make or in such small quantities that it's not that big of deal, but the linen, man.

Let me break down the crazy for you: linen is made from 400 pieces of thread on a loom. You have an initial carry limit of 500 bulk, so if you're carrying thread, that's all you're carrying. Thread is made from twirling lint in a distaff, at a conversion rate of 1 lint to 15 thread about every minute or so. In order to get lint, you need to separate rotten flax into three different pieces. In order to get rotten flax, you need to rot regular flax in water. In order to get flax, you need to plant flax seeds and tend them without letting them overweed. So from flax seed to linen, we are talking about half an hour for each piece. And that's assuming your equipment doesn't wear out, collapse, or requiring restringing. If that happens, you need to sidetrack in order to rebuild those before continuing. For the littlest obelisk, you need 7 pieces of linen, so, assume 3 hours of work. And according to the text, this linen isn't even going into the obelisk. It's just an offering for the gods. You are literally throwing it on the ground.

Also I'm being rockblocked. A lot of buildings that I want to make to move to the next technology level (metal and shit) require stones, which can only be gotten out of big holes in the ground. Digging a hole is easy, it's keeping it open that's a problem. You can't do it solo unless you no longer need to, you need a team of 10 or so, and how am I going to get ten people to help my butt? Luckily, I've pretty near a public factory that has some buildings I can borrow to convert the goods I need.

So...yeah. Deserts.

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