What I Played Today: January 25

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, (BattleCON)

I downloaded the demo for this new game that promises to be kinda like Skyrim, a fantasy game in which fantasy stuff happens, and there's a lot going on and so forth. In it, you die for some reason, but get brought back to life by some magic or whatever. It turns out the mortal races are fighting against the fae, immortals who just decided to kill them all off, which is bullshit. How can you fight an army you can't defeat? So some gnomes have been trying to even the odds by making their own immortals, and you're the first one, and probably the last, so good luck, dummie.

It's okay. The combat is pretty smooth, with dodging, blocking, magic and ranged attacks all being very well timed and I like that feel a lot. I didn't get a real sense of how indepth this would be, since it was just a demo of the first tutorial level, but it feels more Fable than Fallout, you can say. But...I'll probably pick it up when it comes out. Because lord knows I need more video games to play.

(OH! Also, I didn't play it because there was no one around, but I finally got that game I helped Kickstart back in April, BattleCON, and it looks amazing. Such great clean quality graphic design, the only complaint I have being that there are chips with sensitive game information that is printed ridiculously small. Like, 4 pt font. But still, I didn't expect it to look so good, and I really want to play it with someone. I want to play three dozen games of it (it's okay, they're short.))

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