What I Played Today: January 26

A Tale in the Desert, BattleCON

I found a sheep today! Well, okay, someone told the chat where some sheep were, and I ran over there and looked at them. I picked one up, which was stupid, because they weight 300 pounds and you need a pen to keep them, and killed one to get some leather and mutton and stuff. Also, because I'm a monster. Eventually I did set down the sheep I was holding and killed him too, so, yeah, I'm pretty awful. There was also something called a carrot wave going on, which apparently greatly increased the amount of carrots you would get with one pull, so...I grew a bunch of carrots. Yeeeeep.

I will not apologize for playing BattleCON by myself! I had forgotten how the game had played in the nine months since I last touched it, and there were a lot of characters with new abilities, and I wanted to try it. So I choose two characters, set them up, and played each, trying to decide the best move based mainly on what was on the game board without remembering for sure what I just had to the other player play. It kinda worked, and it taught me a lot about the game. Mainly, one of the guys I choose was not great at long range, while the other was, and I don't think I was using his special ability quite right. So...I lost, but I also won! So good for me!

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