What I Played Today: September 17

Grand Theft Auto V

OKAY FINE. I have a lot of very good things about this dumb game and although I still remember growing very bored with GTA4, and I am well-aware of the misogynist shitfit the gaming culture is once again perpetuating (fuck the gaming culture, by the way)...but...I just want to play an open world game again you guys. Skyrim was a long time ago, and I can't play Saint's Row 4 on my current systems.

So anyway! This game starts with a mild explanation of how we got here, with a horribly botched bank robbery in North Dakota. And then we hang out with some guy who claims he wants to go straight but for some reason only seemed to hang out with goddamn criminals. (What's up, Nico II? I mean...Franklin.) The game has all the unusual things! You drive around, stuff happens, the world is full of STUFF. I like a world full of stuff! If only it wasn't full of ugly ugly ugly fucking stuff.

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