What I Played Today: October 18

The Stanley Parable, Bloodbound

I played a lot of Stanley Parable today, and it's pretty good! Lots of funny things, lots of little mysteries, lots of things to try, although...not quite as much as I had hoped, but hey, still pretty good! Go play it dummies! The confusion ending and the game ending were both really fun, and...and at one point I saw somebody. Spoilers.

Also played a couple of games of Bloodbound, the first game ended pretty anti-climatically when my team's Harlequin just found the other team's Elder and told our Assassin to stab him, and the second game was this big to-do where my team just got hit too much to survive, but there was a lot of fun back and forth. Although I'm kind of seeing the strings reveal too much...there seems to be too much info out there at some point that deception isn't fun or easy. It's the same problem I had with Panic Station...if I can't lie a lot, then why am I here?

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