What I Played Today: January 1

Persona Q

A quiet day mostly filled with reading comic books, but I did break out Persona Q and try to move closer to whatever resembles a plot in that game. The unforgiving nature of the combat system always leaves me a bit hardened to the Etrian series, as I tend not to like games that throw me into impossible scenarios constantly. But I'm slowly plugging along, maneuvering through the third floor of the dungeon with its many one-way doors. I reached this weird part where there are FOEs that I can distract by watering flowers, which I'll have to do in order to get to the next part of the dungeon. They keep just throwing all sorts of dungeon weirdness at me, which keeps things interesting at least.

I do not like the Persona system much though, as it kinda strips the characters of their unique flavor by allowing you to just equip them with any old Persona you like, and the way it arbitrarily provides HP and MP that replenishes every combat is super useful but also kinda weird. It's something that will take some getting used to, as soon as I stop accidentally getting almost taken out by trash mobs. It is also weird that they implement this sub-Persona structure and just arbitrarily leave one (1) party member out of it. Why even HAVE these characters here if they don't act like the rest of the team? At least the skills they learn are powerful.

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