What I Played Today: January 26

Fantasy Life, Guild Wars 2

Just doing some running around, renting a new house, finally upgraded mining, about time. The mining path is unnecessarily hard, for some reason. Also did a bit of exploring, there might be too much of this game. I HATE when games have too much content. How will I do everything? (This paragraph contains sarcasm)

In Guild Wars, I managed to fight some stupid plant monsters, then I got tricked by a golemman to enter a twisted domain of crystal. Apparently the domain of Glint is still active and important, which I guess makes sense, going to a friendly if deceased dragon to fight dragons, but I kinda do not like Glint. She just seems like such a weird plot point in the original game, there to fix a problem that is not a real problem. Then again, the entire story in Guild Wars was oddly structured, in which whole plot points just get unceremoniously dropped when you leave the zone. What happened to King Adelbern? You were exiled, so you don't care. Are we going to handle the remaining Mursaat? Not until a game event several years later we're not. It's weird! Oh man, I hope the Mursaat come back in the expansion. I liked them as a villain.

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