What I Played Today: January 7

Marvel Heroes

Spent a bit of time running around as Rocket Raccoon, shooting dudes with big guns and hanging out with Groot and Drax. Rocket Raccoon is a summoner class, which is weird, as he can drop a lot of turrets and drop bosses really quickly. The only issue is that turrets are stationery, so it's hardly worth it to drop while running through the levels, but his gun attacks aren't superstrong, so sometimes it takes a little too long to clear mobs. But I did gain 10 levels in only 30 minutes, as I'm still experiencing the residual 200% XP from the potions the devs gave us for free for Christmas. The fact that potions and buffs only tick down when you are in active combat zones is kinda ridiculous in this game, but I guess that's how you gotta do when you're asking people to pay real dollars for it.

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