What I Played Today: September 22

Super Mario Maker

I played a bit of Super Mario Maker! This game is just getting more interesting with time, and I am starting to realllly want to just buy Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World and play through them again. Because those games were amazing! Like, Super Mario Bros was okay, but when you consider just the production time, Three and World literally changed everything, immediately, TWICE. Heck, even Super Mario World 2 was innovative, if only it was less annoying. And then 64 happened. Then Sunshine. Then Galaxy. It's...just insane how nearly every single Mario game is the best game released for the series so far for 25 years. (Also, shut up, I LIKED Sunshine.) I wish the most recent games were...you know...magic. I guess that happens with age.

Anyway, yeah, Super Mario Maker.

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