What I Played Today: December 23

Amplitude, Undertale

Are the legends true? Is there, in fact, a new Amplitude game, 10 years after the first one came out? IS THERE A WEEZER SONG IN IT?

Well, it is true, because I somehow ended up backing this game on Kickstarter a good 15 years ago and now have an early copy of it delivered to me this day! If I remember correctly, I hadn't even CONSIDERED owning a PS4 when this Kickstarter ended, and now I realize that I've had this machine for over a year. (slowly turns into dust)

Anyway, this game is exactly what I want it to be. It works exactly how I want it to. While the songs will take some time for me to get to love, it's just the right mix of electronica and pop to grab me. Amplitude: Meeting my Expectations.

Also gave Undertale another turn, and realized that I was still stuck in the prologue, which went in a direction that I really should have predicted. Some dark overtones, if you would! Anyway, I met the skeletons, and I love the skeletons, and I look forward to continuing to play this.

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