What I Played Today: December 22

Final Fantasy XIV, Pandemic Legacy

I did it everyone! I have dived deep into the Final Fantasy hole, and I'm now just a very short time away from the expansion content. While I am mildly upset that they decided to gate the expansion content behind, OH, over one hundred hours of content, I am glad to finally be done with it. And...I kind of genuinely like all the characters, even if the situations they are put in are kind of ridiculous and overly complicated? Like, the metaphysics of this world are way too detailed. But, I've subjected myself to FOUR boss fights and a dungeon today, as well as a good hour of cutscenes, so...any minute now I can play as someone with a gun. Hurray...

Also played a game of Pandemic Legacy, and they have introduced the most compelling game feature so far, because it actively allows me to respond to the situation, instead of just hoping. That's nice! I still lost, however, as shit got bad in Asia, AGAIN. I am finding that there are far far more benefits to losing every game than winning. If I win, I get exactly one very minor advantage during the next month. If I LOSE, I get additional helpful cards to use AND an extra stack of upgrades to add the next attempt. I'm sure there's something later on that cares about my W/L ratio, but frankly, it just seems advantages to kind of tank if necessary. I GUESS the board gets more actively aggressive each game, so playing fewer games is better in that regard, but at certain points it really feels like the game is forcing a loss to make things more bearable. I don't know...I got to do June again, and then it's off to July. I am looking forward to July.

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