What I Played Today: May 20

Stellaris, Undertale

I played another couple of hours of Stellaris, in which not much of note happened. I just constantly expanded my territory, because that's what there is to do. Although I am at a bit of a loss because my primary social currency is now in the red, there are very few methods of gaining it, and I need that to keep expanding. Well, maybe I'll spend some time building up my armies and my research speed, populate all the planets I can get my hands on, etc.

I also played Undertale, because I had forgotten about that game, and I befriended a bunch of dogs and messed with a couple of skeletons and made it to a town. Interesting! I did actually get stuck at one point because my skills were not good enough. It's nice to know that the game actually has challenges and not just whimsy.

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