What I Played Today: June 25

Invisible Inc.

I was reminded that Invisible Inc. was a game that was real and good. So I decided to just play through a game, which ended up pretty well! I managed to get through a full game, making it through five or six different missions without screwing up too terribly (although there was a mission that I had to rewind like three times because I kept getting caught by guards) and making it to the final stage and installing the AI into the new port, which was the point of the game. I have a feeling because I was playing in baby mode that the ending was bad. Because it was pretty bad! Some stuff happened that I did not want to happen! But this is a really fun game. I like it. I think I will play it more.

What I Played Today: June 24

Grim Dawn, Sonic Spinball

The Steam Sale is here, and so I have purchased a couple of games for no particular reason. The first was Grim Dawn, which is a Diablo-like that is supposed to feature a bunch of crazy advancement options, so that's why I bought it. It's GRIM! And DAWN. It's fine. I have nothing to really say about it at this point.

I also bought Sonic Spinball, despite the fact that I totally remember this first level and remember hating it, because how do I do this thing? What is the point of this? Why is the first level so goddamn ugly? Why wouldn't the first level be a casino level? I have so many questions!

What I Played Today: June 21-23

Final Fantasy XIV

I had a wisdom tooth extracted, which hurt like hell, so to help mitigate to pain (and because I just kind of fell into it), I decided to just play way too much Final Fantasy XIV. I did a lot of crafting, a LOT of crafting, so much so that I'm really close to getting everything to 50. I also did some story quests, going through a dungeon and then far enough to stand at the precipice of the next one.

I am extremely disappointed in the storyline at the point. The story has basically hit the reset button on the dramatic changes that happened at the end of the primary campaign, effectively making the death of all your friends completely pointless. The assassinated queen isn't actually dead, the political landscape will remain exactly the same, and we are no longer exiles, so there's no reason to be helping the people we are currently helping. I just don't like it. Why did Y'shtola have to do? I LIKED her.

What I Played Today: June 20

Stardew Valley

I remembered that Stardew Valley was a game, and then I played it for a day. One day. I kind of forgot what was going on, and it's winter, so that sucks, but at least I learned how to make sashimi? I don't know.

What I Played Today: June 19


Sunday sunday sunday. Nothing to report.

What I Played Today: June 18

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Just juking away at Rhythm Heaven, they have gotten harder, but I made it all the way to a credits screen, only to find that it was a FALSE credit screen and I still have several more things to do. That was a nice surprise, although I really should have expected it when I made it to the "final" stage and got my first Remix level. I thought, "Oh, the remix level, I really like these because they required me to stay on my feet. Too bad there is apparently just this one. Oh well." Then the fake credits happened and revealed I would have to play more intricate versions of every single level I've encountered so far AND do remixes involving each one. So...this might take a while.

What I Played Today: June 17

Final Fantasy XIV

Putting in way too much time in Final Fnatasy XIV today. Just got into the crafting groove and crafted so much. SO MUCH. I got my leatherworking up to level 50, which means there's only six more to go, and they are going a lot faster than I was expecting.