What I Played Today: June 21-23

Final Fantasy XIV

I had a wisdom tooth extracted, which hurt like hell, so to help mitigate to pain (and because I just kind of fell into it), I decided to just play way too much Final Fantasy XIV. I did a lot of crafting, a LOT of crafting, so much so that I'm really close to getting everything to 50. I also did some story quests, going through a dungeon and then far enough to stand at the precipice of the next one.

I am extremely disappointed in the storyline at the point. The story has basically hit the reset button on the dramatic changes that happened at the end of the primary campaign, effectively making the death of all your friends completely pointless. The assassinated queen isn't actually dead, the political landscape will remain exactly the same, and we are no longer exiles, so there's no reason to be helping the people we are currently helping. I just don't like it. Why did Y'shtola have to do? I LIKED her.

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