What I Played Today: May 6

Mini Metro, Crusader Kings 2

I got myself into a strategy mode by watching some videos on the Internet. I saw a bit of video about this new video game Stellaris and thought, "This is good, I should buy this," only to discover that it is not for sale until Monday. So I got sidetracked and tried to play Crusader Kings 2 instead. I do not understand Crusader Kings. I may never understand Crusader Kings. It is kind of insane in the amount of details that are involved and I don't know what's going on. I managed to lose really well though. My army that was supposed to take all of Britain died really quickly.

I also played a couple of games of Mini Metro, which is still exactly the same game. For some insane reason, I played a game with a lot of rivers that refused to give me more tunnels. How am I supposed to handle that station on that island all by itself? I used all my tunnels up during the first week. Come on.

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