What I Played Today: July 10

Avalon, Fish Cook, The Resistance

Someone wanted to play Avalon, so we played several games of Avalon, in which Merlin was caught almost every time. You kind of need a Percevil, I think.

Also played Fish Cook, which is a cute game about buying ingredients and making recipes. Pretty simple, I liked it, good to see Cheapass publishing stuff again. Then I played "something else." It left absolutely no impression on me, because I cannot remember AT ALL.

Then at the bar, we played a game of The Resistance, because the guy who refuses to play the game let us, and it was pretty tense. I got taken for a ride by the new guy, who spent most of the game appearing not to have a clue, and one of the rebels made some spurious arguments that made me think he was a spy, so the rebellion lost...

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