What I Played Today: July 9

The Walking Dead: 400 Days, Guild Wars 2

I am super excited about the new Guild Wars 2 update, because the achievement awards are giving me a lot of stuff I don't normally have access to, like...Badges of Honor, which I need to get a legendary weapon...someday. Still need to complete the entire damn map...

Also, played through The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC, and man, I am super impressed how quickly they can establish character. I cared about every character, despite knowing them for only fifteen minutes. Every decision felt like it mattered, even though it could not...possibly matter. I think my favorite character was Captain Sadbeard (I forget his actual name), who looked like he had spent his entire life just being a lazyabout and is suddenly thrust into a shitty situation and he just...takes it. He does some bad things, but what else could he do? Now, I have a ton of questions, such as, where do all these jerks come into play in The Walking Dead 2, but...I liked it. Well done, team. 

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