What I Played Today: August 28

Reus, Mario and Luigi Dream Team

I had forgotten about Reus! I booted back into the game I started of that which had started to go downhill and just kept rolling that way, as one of my cities had FUCKING HAD IT with any other civilization on the planet and was deadset on killing everyone else immediately. It took me twenty minutes of keeping their armies in check to keep them from destroy the only other civilization on the planet, but it paid off as I got a ton of achievements and unlocked a fair number of resources. Then I had a great 1-hour run in which I was able to keep six villages up without once having any of them trying to murder each other. Sure...some of them got snickety at the end and trying to kill my giants, but I think I'm almost understand that mechanic. Got to keep their danger and awe up.

Also more Mario and Luigi...they seem to be doing slightly better, although whenever they introduce a new element, such as Bro Attacks, it just belabors the point. This is starting to feel like Final Fantasy XIII all over again.

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