What I Played Today: October 15

GTA V, Guild Wars 2, Swords and Potions 2

I completed another region in Guild Wars 2 today. Now all I have to do is finish up the three Orr regions. Good thing that's extremely difficult to do! Oh well, at least there aren't any heart missions down there. Yeah, screw you heart missions. I am also missing a few regions that I need to find. Hurray World Completion.

Also played a good bit of GTA V, and did another heist, which involved a lot of firefighting and in the end they took all my money! AGAIN! And I've been thinking for a while that all of this bullshit where you run missions for little or no cash is a bit of a commentary on intern culture and worker compensation in today's economy, in which the average worker is expected to work for free, or for increasingly low pay, while those in power concentrate the majority of the money to themselves. And then I start to think that maybe this is too smart for this game that is still telling sexist jokes. There was also this really INSANE mission in which you just...ride a motorcycle onto a train, hijack it, and crash it to steal a weird statue. With absolutely no set-up. I find it just bizarre that very basic heists require scoping out and preparation, and then Trevor will just decide to rob something that SHOULD require a ton of set-up, and just goes with the flow. Like, if he spent just a little bit actually planning his insane hitjobs, maybe he might get out of there with some actual goods? I don't know.

I also keep playing Swords and Potions 2. These customers keep on wanting stuff that I don't have! Come on guys, I have tons of health potions. Do you want a health potion? Just buy a fucking health potion.

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