What I Played Today: January 17

Shadows of Mordor, Marvel Heroes

I went back to Shadows of Mordor to try to get my crap together, and it's...shaky. I am not sure how much I like a system in which the more you fail, the harder it is for you in the future. I mean, the pittance of experience you get for coming back from the dead can't compete with five or six orcs all get promotions and party hats every time I die. BUT, I finally managed to kill that one orc that will surely be my ultimate nemesis, Murgug or whatever his goddamn name is. He's a crossbow-user, and he just sits back and riddles me with arrows every time, I hate this guy. But after the third feast he had to celebrate me being dead, I snuck in, killed ALL his friends, and then beat the crap out of him while he stumbled around drunk. Fuck you, guy. And then I was swiftly killed by a Caragor, and he springs back to life, only now looks blind. Maybe that will kick some wind out of his sails. Still having no luck kill any warchiefs though. I may never kill one, who knows.

Oh, and there were free presents at Marvel Heroes, I got a free random hero, and I rolled the Punisher! I didn't have the Punisher! The only problem is that while you are playing as the Punisher, the game becomes a LOT darker than they probably intended. I mean, I know it is just goofy Diablo-style fun with superheroes, but I also know that Frank Castle has a goddamn bodycount. I'm suddenly not okay with gunning down dozens of minions! They're just criminals fallen on hard times, Frank! Please don't set them all on fire.

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