What I Played Today: February 20

Fibbage, Drawful

Some people came over for a party! We played some video games that are party-like! One was Fibbage, which, now that I think about it, is basically Match Game meets Balderdash, in which you are given a prompt with a blank, and asked to provide an answer of some kind, and then all the answers entered are thrown to everyone, as well as the truth, and you are trying to choose the truth. If you choose the truth, you get points; if someone chooses your answer, you also get points. It's pretty good! And the fact that it handles up to eight people through a console is also great; everyone just plays on their smartphone which they clearly will own. I enjoy it!

We also played Drawful, which is a similar concept, only with drawings. Everyone gets a prompt to draw, everyone else looks at the drawing and guesses what the prompt could possibly be, then everyone tries to guess the truth. There were a couple of great prompts that led to some nonsense, such as the prompt "Snail On an Envelope", which went exactly how you thought it would, and then there was the prompt where I accidentally submitted the misspelled "Vending Machone" and still got three people to guess it somehow. Lotta fun.

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