What I Played Today: September 25

Final Fantasy XIV

So...I beat Final Fantasy XIV, at least the main story that shipped with the original game. There is still a goddamn ton more, but because the last two story dungeons provide a common treasure currency, it's really easy to find a party running them. Unfortunately, they are completely unwilling to wait for you to watch the cutscenes. I hope you were not interested in seeing what was actually happening at the end of the game, because your teammates aren't going to let you figure it out.

Anyway, break into a base, yadda yadda yadda, fight a bunch of robots, standing around a lot waiting for the tank to pull the enemy to a certain area where they can be killed easily, yadda yadda yadda, take down an airship, fight a really long and weird fight with some lady, congrats, move on to the next dungeon.

Next dungeon, follow the group as close as you can, somehow get a mech, get lost and eventually catch up, etc etc, get in an elevator, fight the Big Bad like four goddamn times (seriously, they stack up literally all the major enemies just one right after another here), and then managed to save Thancred from his possession and get back to the main group in time to hang out and watch a party! And then like 15 minutes of credits! Congratulations to me!

But then there's a roar or something, and it turns out everything isn't quite right! Oh no!

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