What I Played Today: Blerp

I've been behind, I apologize. Let me tell you about a couple of things;

I got the new Persona 4 game, and it's a silly dancing game. I've played exactly one dance sequence so far, not sure what I'm waiting for, the aesthetic is really good. Everyone is wearing a yellow bandana somewhere, it took me like two hours to figure this out. Fun fun.

I got all the elements for Super Mario Maker, and now I have no idea what to do! I read this article where all the most popular Super Mario Maker levels are all stupid gimmicks and garbage (that was my interpretation), so I don't want to just shovel hard garbage into it, you know?

I played some Magic Duels, that's a game. How about that?

They released Shop Heroes on iOS, which I have decided to switch to, because it's nice to be able to play while on the phone and I'm bored. The interface is kinda small, but there's also a Facebook version tied to it, so...there we go.

ANYWAY, I'll try to be more interesting soon.

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