What I Played Today: November 7

Coup: Rebellion G54, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Sheriff of Nottingham, One Night Revolution, Concept, Drawful, Fibbage

I participated in an Extra Life event, kinda technically. I mean, it had an Extra Life page and everything, we just...didn't stream anything and also didn't do what we said we were going to do and nobody really showed up. BUT I donated some money, so I feel good about that.

It started with a game of Coup: Rebellion G54, which I have been referring to as Supercoup pretty exclusively that I had to look up the name. It's like regular Coup, only there are 25 different roles and you play with five of them, so each game is different! If you ignore how this makes it harder to set up and play because now the standard interaction is muddied by not knowing exactly how each card works, and also the cards cannot interact with each other, because, you know, that's be impossible. The game was perfectly okay, although I was out pretty early, and nobody wanted to play again. Oh well.

Then several games of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, which was supposed to be part of our "gaming olympics" event, which we quickly grew tired of and never really pursued once we realized that there were only four contenders and our equipment wasn't up to snuff. Meh, things happen. BUT I solidly won this round, mainly because I've played this game before. I've probably talked about it. Let me check. Oh I have! Man, I was a dull writer back then. Also, that Back To The Future Adventure Game was four years ago? Time flies.

After a bit of huff and fluff, we played Sheriff of Nottingham, which is a perfectly fine game, but also depends greatly upon the people you are around, which...I guess is always true? I don't know, it is hard to win when you have a reputation as being someone who can never be trusted, so I couldn't really get the necessary contraband through. But the game is not as bad as my initial impressions. I will give a solid "Good Game."

I forced everyone to play One Night Revolution, because I KNEW this group actually understood how One Night games worked, and I have officially decided that this game is, in fact, poorly tested bullshit. The fact that roles happen in random order means that far too frequently, the roles do not perform their function in the order necessary to ensure that the game isn't broken immediately. Did the Investigator go last and see an Informant? Welp, game over. Did the Thief go to an Informant who goes first? Welp, good job being pointless? Why specifically is the switch role make the game harder for the Informant? Because this game hates you, evil team. I can only imagine this game is good with seven or more people (like Resistance, if we are being honest), but since I apparently don't have the right kind of gameplay group, I will never know. I should really just throw this game away.

A few games of Concept while waiting for Thai food. We kept trying to challenge ourselves, and it really didn't go well, as we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get us to guess "My Precious". You know, from that Lord of the Rings movie! It was fun that one player kept suggesting stuff that would be absolutely ridiculous if was printed on a card as the clue. "That time when Gandalf told King Theodin that he was wrong." Why would that be printed on a card?!

And finished up with a couple of games of Drawful and Fibbage. I think I've finally got the sense of these games, and they continued to surprise me. I mean, I totally got the clue in which someone was asked to draw a completely innocuous thing that could be easily interpreted as something else, but I was not expecting the INTENTIONALLY MISSPELLED drawing prompt. That was some messed up shit.

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