What I Played Today: May 14

Rift, World of Warcraft

I played about another hour of World of Warcraft and became VERY BORED. It's just quest after quest after quest, all of which are pretty pointless, and I got my first "talent," which was three different versions of "move slightly faster," and so I decided, "I probably don't need to pick this up again" and stopped playing. What the fuck am I going to do, join a guild? Run dungeons? Play their dumb version of Pokemon? Come on, World of Warcraft.

So, because I missed the talents trees so much, I downloaded Rift, because it is technically free to play, and why not? What will it hurt? There's been a bunch of stuff added, right? I can now level up to...65? That can't be right. 65 is a weird number. Why not 70? Well whatever, maybe there are new soulpaths or whatever. Maybe they finally realized that every single archetype should be able to play every single role, otherwise what the goddamn point of your weird level up system.

HEY! They took my advice! Oh man, and there's a new archetype too, that's fun. How much does it cost to get those? $150 you say. Alright bye! Okay okay, I'll play for a bit, but I'm not ready to jump in with all my feet yet. World of Warcraft managed to bore me in four hours, for Christ's sake.

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